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Si-Tech Limited is the official Distributor for "Calmont Wire and Cable inc" California USA.    
Covering China and south East Asia
Si-Tech Limited是美國加利福尼亞州Calmont Wire and Cable Inc.的官方分銷商。

Being a small company has big advantages, where we can work without the restrictions sometimes imposed on larger businesses

Calmont Wire & Cable, IncContribute to customer success by providing engineering and manufacturing expertise to deliver products and services that meet customer requirements - in a timely manner!
通過提供工程和製造專業知識來提供滿足客戶要求的產品和服務,為客戶的成功做出貢獻 - 及時!

Calmont is a manufacturer of wire and cable for medical, aerospace and other precision applications that often require custom designed cable. Checkout the catalogue pages.

From custom design prototypes, up to your product rollout.

Are you looking for a total wire solution.

We can offer highly customized wire products. Calmont wire and Cable are an engineering oriented manufacturer, working closely with us to get the best solution for our customer’s products.
我們可以提供高度定制的線材產品。 Calmont電線電纜是一家以工程為導向的製造商,與我們密切合作,為客戶的產品提供最佳解決方案
Their experienced design team will work to get your design complete with a committed team solving the toughest of designs.
Calmont Wire and Cable has a reputation in producing quality cable since 1957. Giving them many years of experience and knowledge.
1957年以來,Calmont Wire and Cable在生產質量方面享有盛譽。為他們提供多年的經驗和知識

Itron Meter reading system maintenance
We are Maintaining a local utility Hand Held meter reading equipment
Which uses the Itron Field Collection System (FCS) reading software and Honeywell CN80 Android Hand Held device.

We have been maintaining this Utility since 1993 through several versions of meter reading hardware and software.

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